Itas Mutua: Optimizing Information Exchange with Data Integration
Data Integration

Itas Mutua: Optimizing Information Exchange with Data Integration

Itas Mutua is the oldest insurance company in Italy and one of the few remaining mutual aid societies. Today, it has 730 employees and a commercial network of 630 agents in almost 900 business offices. Over time, Itas Mutua has undergone great historical, social, and economic changes in Italy. It has grown and expanded nationally, adding new products and services for generations of insured members.

Thanks to Primeur’s technology for data management and integration, Itas Mutua has been able to cope with business evolution guaranteeing accuracy and confidentiality in the exchange of information with the numerous partners with whom it interacts on a daily basis.




The Challenge

It is critical for companies in the insurance industry to have a functioning data exchange system that provides a high level of security when communicating with counterparts. Think of the need to share confidential information daily between branches and business partners, such as banks, insurance brokers, healthcare providers, etc. The risks of missed or delayed management of information exchanges led the client to seek a centralized technology solution able to manage all file movement and interaction with counterparts, offering maximum reliability, monitoring, security, and scalability for the needs of the insurance group.


The Solution

Almost 30 years ago, Itas Mutua chose Spazio MFT/S, the Primeur solution for Managed File Transfer, which is now considered the Group's 'flagship' solution for establishing and managing flows to institutions such as ISVAP or ANIA.


“Choosing Primeur was almost a natural choice, guided and co-ordinated by market demands”

Mirko Eccher, Head of Infrastructure and Telecommunications


For Itas Mutua, Primeur has become a guarantee of efficiency and management of the exchange of files between the company, other institutions such as IVASS, ANIA, and the various counterparts.

The number of these counterparts has increased significantly over the years, requiring a more precise and controlled management of the dataflows exchanged. This is where Primeur comes in with Data One, Primeur's data integration platform, which can be integrated with existing technologies and used by the client from the outset to manage and monitor the exchange of data with its many partners in complete security and efficiency.



"The first advantage offered by Data One," - says Saul Gennari, Infrastructure and Telecommunications at Itas Mutua - "is the ability to have a graphical console that monitors and tracks all dataflows, allowing us to verify whether a given piece of data has been delivered or not, so that any anomalies in the data exchange can be detected in a timely manner".

With a significant increase in the number of counterparts, the integration of Primeur Data One into the technology used has brought significant improvements in terms of file sending/receiving. The client uses Data One primarily for document exchange; the SFTP channel feeds the standard CRM intercommunication system, which sends policy data directly.


"It is a product that offers many guarantees. You can sleep safe and sound."

Saul Gennari, Infrastructure and Telecommunications at Itas Mutua


“Another fundamental aspect developed by Primeur to prevent possible anomalies on dataflows" adds Mirko Eccher, "was to provide us with a customized solution for our needs. A 24/7 support system that, in the event of a flow interruption, triggers email alerts, enabling timely and effective intervention and streamlining operations with counterparts.


The Client


Founded in Trentino-Alto Adige in 1821, ITAS is the oldest insurance company in Italy. At the heart of ITAS’s work are its insured members and their needs for protection and security: from protecting their own business, to the safety of their loved ones, from preventing unforeseen events to saving for the future, insurance needs are taking increasingly cutting-edge forms.
"The Company has always been by the side of young people, of research, of the university, convinced that fostering the concrete growth of human capital contributes to creating the necessary synergies for the economic, social, and cultural development of the territory." Enrico Cereghini, Communications and External Relations Officer, Itas Mutua.




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