With PRIMEUR DATA PRIVACY® personal data is always:






Under control

Data Privacy

PRIMEUR DATA PRIVACY® is engineered and designed with a completely modular approach.  It can be implemented incrementally following the requirements of the GDPR regulation and the real operational needs of the company.

Add the required modules over time and eliminate the risk of over-structure.



Administrators can quickly create custom menus and lists of options to perfectly match the specific requirements of their organization. The new custom attributes can be of any type (single or multiple selection, text field, date, time, etc.).

Records of Processing Activities

Records of Processing Activities with automated reporting

PRIMEUR DATA PRIVACY® allows to maintain always up-to-date Records of Processing Activities, automatically generates PDF records, Privacy Notices and Data Processing Agreements according to custom templates. It always ensures the information is accurate, consistent and has been approved by appropriate stakeholders.

Unique Interactive Maps

Unique Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps are available as soon as users start configuring the software. They offer at-a-glance views of the configuration and Personal Data management, also showing hidden dependencies and how items can impact each other. Interactive Maps are browsable in any direction or depth for maximum flexibility, accuracy and control.

Structured and unstructured Data Discovery

Structured and unstructured Data Discovery

Personal Data is discovered in any databases, text-based documents, images and scanned documents – both printed and handwritten. Multiple Personal Data patterns are available, including name, surname,
e-mail, credit card number, phone number, IBAN number, etc.

Data Discovery findings automatically and instantly update Interactive Maps and GDPR documentation.

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