360° Dataflow Monitoring

Achieve end-to-end dataflow control regardless of the file transfer technologies, thanks to agents able to manage different technologies including SFTP, FTP/S, IBM C:D and MOVEit.

Compliance and Audit

Ensure that dataflows conveying critical data are carried out in compliance with company and legal regulations


Provide technical and business users with full visibility and control over all MFT data, both inside and outside the organization.

One tool to monitor all your MFT technology

If you have several MFT solutions in place, you are probably monitoring dataflows leveraging each vendor's reporting features. With Data Watcher's agents, you can consolidate your dataflow monitoring and reporting on a unique tool, providing technical and business users with the end-to-end visibility they need.

Data Watcher currently supports Primeur Data Mover and Primeur Spazio MFT/S, FTP/sFTP/FTPs, IBM Connect:Direct, Progress MOVEit Transfer, Progress MOVEit Automation

Data Watcher SDK

Software Development Kit developed by Primeur that enables the creation of new agents for Data Watcher.

Primeur Data Watcher - Agents

Data Watcher Key Features


Dataflow Discovery

Continuous dataflow discovery and mapping, through intuitive graphical representations suitable for any professional figure.


Dataflow Modeling

Create flow models that describe the expected behavior of the specific dataflow, defining policies and custom alerts on missed policies or SLAs. 


Dataflow Classification

Use tags and dictionaries to classify dataflows in a searchable catalog.


Dataflow Inquiry

Search dataflows in an intuitive way, using any of their attributes.

Our Services

Dataflow Governance

Ensure dataflows are executed and delivered on time, always knowing if applications are fed with accurate data at the right time.


Dataflow Reporting

Primeur Panorama is the new optional add-on of Primeur Data Watcher. Users can build their own dashboards choosing the most meaningful KPIs to monitor the File Transfer activities.

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