Being unconventional sometimes simply means doing what others don’t

We are:

  • Unconventional because we listen to our customers.
  • Unconventional because we build standard, but yet customizable solutions.
  • Unconventional because we focus on customers’ problems before our solutions.
  • Unconventional because we think and live Data Integration as a lean, agile and flexible process.
  • Unconventional because we simplify, where others complicate.
  • Unconventional because we build bridges, where others create barriers.

We are unconventional because we don’t want to be the biggest,

we want to be the best.

And everything brings us here…


Our Vision:

«Make Data a real value for companies, freeing them from the slavery of one unique technological provider».


Our Mission:

«Eliminate the complexity of heterogenous application systems, providing a different, lean, secure and accessible way of managing data».

Are you with us?

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