PRIMEUR SPAZIO MFT/S® grants total control, savings and operative advantages, such as:


High level of efficiency of the file transfer process



Flexibility to manage file transfer products and protocols from a variety of vendors running on a range of different platforms


Low systems requirements for the deployment


Metadata Management

With our proprietary protocols, the transport of each file can be enriched to include handling modes and other useful information such as: sender data, applications associated with the file, and routing information.

Performance and Scalability

Performance and Scalability

The PRIMEUR SPAZIO MFT/S® architecture supports vertical scalability and high availability (active/passive). If you need active/active scalability, have a look at, PRIMEUR DATA MOVER®.

Highest security standards

Highest security standards

PRIMEUR SPAZIO MFT/S® ensures the highest level of security during authentication, transport, data at-rest and networking (DMZ Gateway).



PRIMEUR SPAZIO MFT/S ® guarantees a comprehensive auditing on who executed each file manipulation and transaction, both from an IT and business perspective.


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