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Integration and speed: the key to efficient global logistics services
Data Integration

Integration and speed: the key to efficient global logistics services

The customer, a well-known company offering international freight transportation and logistics contracts, wanted to improve the exchange of information with its customers and business partners to continue to ensure efficient, reliable, and timely services.

Thanks to Primeur technology, the company quickly improved its operations by making the exchange of files of any format more efficient, speeding up onboarding times for new partners by 40%, and improving process control and monitoring.




The Challenge

Our customer, a well-known logistics company, works by coordinating with a vast network of partners (such as transport, shipping, packaging, and warehouse companies...). On a daily basis, the company has to exchange information about deliveries, number and weight of packages, administrative documents, and in general all data related to freight activities. Given the dynamic nature of the industry, these operations must be carried out quickly and accurately among all parties involved.

The electronic exchange of logistics information was initially based on the EDI standard, an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange. Declined as UN/EDIFACT or TRADACOM for the European market and ANSI ASC X12 for the U.S. market, it can facilitate rapid and secure communication between all supply chain actors.

Over time, the EDI standard has been joined by additional proprietary tracks and formats, such as xml and xls. The use of these standards has generated an increase in the complexity of information exchanges between entities using different formats, consequently lengthening the onboarding time for new partners.

Therefore, the company was looking for a solution to remain competitive, simplify this scenario and ensure rapid operations and effective communication between all parties involved.


The Solution

The ability to transform data and convert it into the desired formats is the essential prerequisite for the customer’s business operations to be carried out effectively.

Thanks to Primeur technology, a central platform based on the Data Integration methodology has been implemented. The platform acts as an intermediary between the sender of the file and the receiver, performing automatically all the necessary conversion operations from one format to another and ensuring the correct submission/reception of files.

By decoupling the entities in this way, information exchanges with partners were found to be more efficient, rapid, and error-free, consequently improving the company's operations. The ease of configuring new data flows, including transformations between formats, allows the customer to carry out new partner onboarding activities quicker than with the previous manual management.


The Results

With Primeur's methodology and technology, the customer achieved benefits that have positively impacted the business:

  • Reduction of internal management costs
  • Reduction of errors
  • +40% increase in the speed of new partners’ onboarding
  • Process monitoring and control features that let the company act in a timely manner when problems arise


The Customer

The customer is a well-known company in the logistics industry that offers reliable solutions for shipping goods worldwide. Operating in dozens of countries with an extensive network consisting of thousands of stores and vehicles, the group moves several million shipments per year.




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