Improved management of personal data in the financial sector

Improved management of personal data in the financial sector

Our customer, a leading provider of asset management services, was seeking for a solution to empower their DPO and improve their data management and quality.

They implemented Data Privacy, a modular solution to organize, manage and monitor all information related to personal data and help the DPO in its GDPR-related activities.




The Challenge

Our customer wanted to improve their data governance and control processes.

They were already well-structured in terms of organization with an external DPO taking care of the GDPR compliance activities. However, they realized that they needed a tool to automate privacy and GDPR-related activities in order to deliver a lawful management of their customers’ and employees’ personal data.

The IT department was looking for a solution that, on top of supporting the typical GDPR requirements, would also fulfill future requirements such as data masking, data access control and data breach management.


The Solution

The customer already knew Primeur as a reliable partner for data integration. After evaluating different players, they decided to adopt Primeur Data Privacy because of the solution’s key features:

  • Powerful discovery capabilities, allowing to identify where personal and non -personal data is within the company's information system
  • Automatic generation of all the specific documents required by the GDPR, updated after each round of discovery
  • A truly modular solution designed to support DPOs and Head of Compliance to automatically deliver GDPR-related tasks
  • An effective and complete Data Masking module as part of the native suite of the solution
  • An easy-to-read Data Breach management module, which leverages Primeur’s embedded interactive maps to alert, enforce and monitor all the assets and personnel involved in the breach in an effective manner



With Primeur Data Privacy, our customer is now able to:

  • Discover, organize, manage and monitor personal data throughout the whole information system
  • Automatically generate up-to-date documentation in line with the GDPR requirements, such as the Records of Processing Activities
  • Perform a comprehensive and easy-to-run data discovery on a regular basis, with high performances in terms of accuracy and network usage
  • Mask personal data in a flexible, effective way



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