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Giochi Preziosi: Efficient and integrated activities with data integration
Data Integration

Giochi Preziosi: Efficient and integrated activities with data integration

Giochi Preziosi is an Italian market leader in toy marketing, founded in 1979.
In 2019, it acquired a leading toy company in the Spanish and Latin American market. In 2021, a retail expansion phase began with about ten stores scattered throughout Italy. This new corporate structure generated complex logistical and administrative processes.
Thanks to Primeur technology for data management and integration, Giochi Preziosi was able to cope with the changes and business evolutions by ensuring punctuality, accuracy and confidentiality when exchanging information among stores.




The Challenge

Since the early 1990s, the growth of the business where Giochi Preziosi operated highlighted the need for automated management of the flow of information through the warehouses to ensure the timely performance of logistics activities.

In addition, the acquisition of a retail company that managed more than 40 stores changed the client's corporate structure, increasing its complexity in managing communications between and across stores. Specifically, it was important to deal effectively with increased information and document management on sales, deliveries, orders, and stock availability.

To ensure business continuity in a fast-growing industry, the client needed to ensure that information exchange took place in a timely and secure manner among the various stores.

It chose to rely on Primeur technology for data management and integration first for the logistics department and then extended its use to other company departments.


The Solution

Giochi Preziosi needed to integrate information coming from different sources and different applications used by different warehouses and stores.

Thanks to Primeur technology and a pure Data Integration approach, it was possible to provide the customer with a solution to:

  • Manage goods picking information for shipments both to customers and for transfers to other warehouses
  • Track shipment flows
  • Collect up-to-date information on product master data, feeding the database
  • Provide up-to-date billing information (such as freight rates)
  • Update current promotions on goods for sale



Primeur’s software solution integrated seamlessly with the customer's technology, leaving the existing infrastructure unchanged and preserving the investments made.

Thanks to the timely and secure exchange, monitoring and management of information, Giochi Preziosi's logistics activities run smoothly even during the months of highest workload, such as during the Christmas period when around 100,000 files are exchanged.

Business continuity and agility is therefore guaranteed even with significant volumes of data thanks to:

  • Simplification of applications and operational processes
  • Strategic business decisions thanks to centralized view and management of information
  • Cost-saving by using a single data management and monitoring solution that is seamlessly integrated with technologies in use


About the customer

Founded in Italy in 1978, Giochi Preziosi is today a successful industrial and commercial group on the international market.
Initially linked to the toy industry, the Giochi Preziosi Group quickly expanded to become a galaxy made of companies operating in different product sectors, each with a high level of expertise, but united and inspired by a common vision and points of view.





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