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A leading financial company improves agility, scalability and security
Data Integration

A leading financial company improves agility, scalability and security

Our customer, a leading provider of financial services, was managing their data exchange with internal and external counterparts through a very complex infrastructure, made of 7 MFT tools from different vendors along with many custom app-to-app integrations. This scenario had become very expensive to maintain and was unable to provide the company with the required level of speed, security and visibility.

By replacing the 7 MFT tools with a centralized data integration platform, the financial institution was able to cut operational and maintenance costs while improving visibility on dataflows, with great benefits in terms of governance and security.




The Scenario

To keep their business operations running, every day our customer exchanges data with thousands of external clients – such as other financial institutions, insurance companies, industrial players – and internal applications – such as money transfer systems, general ledger, reference, custody, mortgage and loan.

The bank had 7 different MFT solutions in place to manage the data exchange amongst applications. Moreover, their internal applications had been integrated throughout the years with an app-to-app integration approach, leading to an intricated network of dataflows that were left unmanaged. 


The Challenge

This scenario was becoming increasingly challenging for the bank, due to several aspects, including LACK OF VISIBILITY, UNPREDICTABLE COSTS and HIGH COMPLEXITY & SECURITY CONCERNS.


The Solution

Our customer launched an internal program to modernize their infrastructure by replacing  the 7 MFT tools with Primeur’s Data Integration platform.

With this project, the company's Integration Team aimed to increase the business efficiency, improve agility and flexibility, integrate and monitor third-party technology, and support multi-cloud, on premise and hybrid integration scenarios through distributed architecture.



  • A more flexible and cost effective infrastructure for data integration
  • Faster onboarding: 1.000+ business partners around the world onboarded in 6 months
  • Self-service provisioning for business departments
  • and more...


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About the Customer

One of the world's leading providers of financial services, with over 30,000 employees in more than 100 markets and managed assets for trillions of dollars.




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