We renewed our image with an “unconventional” rebranding!

We renewed our image with an "unconventional" rebranding!

Smart, secure, sustainable and intuitive: these are the elements that distinguish our new image!

The renewal of the image is born from the need to communicate the values and passion that unite the entire corporate asset: making the world of Data Integration more simple, accessible, smart, secure and, above all, sustainable, creating real value for customers.

This is the main focus that Primeur wants to spread with his new identity.

We aimed at clearer, more current and recognizable logo.

The yellow used for our claim “data passionate” represents the link with the past, while the dots of different colors represent the passage of data through our platforms: the initial blue dot represents the data that enters Primeur, the yellow dot outlines the mediation phase, while the purple dot symbolizes the data that leaves the platforms.

A new line of communication, smarter and “unconventional” has also been adopted for our social channels and website.

We have grown, we have evolved and now we want Primeur to be known through a new look that can bring out the values, identity and passion with which we face every challenge.

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