We launched Primeur DATA ONE – Our new Hybrid Integration Platform
Data One

We launched Primeur DATA ONE – Our new Hybrid Integration Platform

Today, everything revolves around data and its efficient, streamlined and flexible management.

We have understood it since the beginning, when everyone saw value in integrating applications, we saw the value of the Data. In the Data. And we focused on that.

This has led us today to work with the most important Fortune 500 companies in the world, taking care of their data with the same passion as the first day.

And it is thanks to this vision and this passion that we launched PRIMEUR DATA ONE®: our new revolutionary Hybrid Data Integration Platform.

Entirely based on the COA® (Contract Oriented Architecture) methodology, fully developed and patented by Primeur, it manages, monitors and anticipates the harmonic flow of data among different applications as never before.

With PRIMEUR DATA ONE®, today as in that distant 1986, we aim at offering something different.

We aim at simplifying the management of our client’s data and at providing a new way of living data integration: fast, lean, agile and focused on the needs of your business. Light years away from the self-referentiality that has too often characterized our sector, from the need to complicate to hide, to complicate to “create value”.

Simplifying is our mission.

Have a look here to discover more about DATA ONE: https://www.primeur.com/data-one/

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