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Primeur wins the tender for the Banca d'Italia MFT

Primeur wins the tender for the Banca d'Italia MFT

With Primeur Ghibli Next ™ – MFT Solution, safe, flexible and adaptable to existing frameworks with no need for additional investment, Primeur wins the tender and strengthens its position in the banking industry
ROME, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Primeur won the Banca d’Italia (the Italian central bank) tender for the supply of a Managed File Transfer solution, which will allow Banca d’Italia to exchange file and data within the domestic market, with over 1,200 financial institutions, ISTAT (the Italian official statistics institute), Consob (the authority responsible for regulating the Italian securities market), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) at least for the next five years.

Primeur’s solution includes installing Primeur Ghibli Next™ Hybrid Integration Platform – MFT Solution in the Banca d’Italia framework, to allow the exchange of files and data between internal applications and with external parties, according to the requirements for maximum security, scalability and efficiency.
What distinguishes Primeur Ghibli Next™ is not only the ability to adapt to existing complex frameworks which have grown additional layers over time, such as that of Banca d’Italia, without changing applications, but also the possibility of reusing pre-designed integration flows and the fact that the platform is open, allowing the integration of third-party software.
As to why the project is highly strategic, the Banca d’Italia MFT is the core element for exchanging the data collected while carrying out the functions of control and supervision of credits and risks within the national banking system, in tandem with the ECB and the ESCB.
The data collected and exchanged thanks to Primeur Ghibli Next™ – MFT Solution reveal important indexes on the health and risk conditions of the national and European banking system, providing data to Centrale Rischi (Banca d’Italia credit bureau), Anacredit (Analytical Credit Dataset, a dataset containing detailed information on individual bank loans in the euro zone) and RIAD (Register of Institutions and Affiliates Data). The increase in the number and volume of data require adopting a more reliable and efficient solution.

As the banking and financial industry continues to evolve and as the digital transformation is significantly changing the logic and business model of the market, Banca d’Italia — to meet its mission of monitoring, supervising and guaranteeing the country’s banking sector — required the solution with the greatest potential for evolution and adaptability.

Acquiring such a prestigious customer as Banca d’Italia is an important milestone for Primeur. Our solutions, which are already considered as a de-facto standard in the Italian financial market, will, from now on, also support the Italian Central Bank, which I believe has chosen us also for our ability to differentiate ourselves from our larger competitors,

says Stefano Musso, Primeur Group’s CEO.

“What distinguishes us is our being able to listen to our customers and continuously improve our platform thanks to their feedback. This ability, so simple yet so essential, has been lost by today’s large companies and has become a competitive advantage for us.“

About Primeur
Primeur is a multinational company headquartered in Switzerland, specialized for over 30 years in Enterprise Data Integration solutions. By using the best proprietary technologies on the market, we designed, developed and implemented the innovative Primeur Ghibli Next™ Hybrid Integration Platform, and Primeur Data Watcher™, our all-new E2E Visibility and Data Flow Governance solution. Our main customers are top Fortune 500 companies, banks and insurance companies, manufacturers, as well as companies in the consumer goods, energy and utilities, telco and public administration sectors. Our Group is active in Europe (Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and France), in Tunisia, and has subsidiaries and business offices in North America and in Latin America.


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