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Primeur grows about 18% in the last 5 years and renews itself with an

Primeur grows about 18% in the last 5 years and renews itself with an "unconventional" rebranding

After reaching 20 millions in revenues in 2019 (+18% on 2015, quadrupling EBITDA) Primeur, a fast-growing Italian multinational Company in the Data Integration field, challenges the difficult year for the global economy and relaunches its operations through a rebranding strategy. Smart, secure, sustainable and intuitive: these are the elements that distinguish the new image of the brand, active in 28 countries, UK included, with over 300 customers.


After more than 30 years of experience in the world of Data Integration and a steady growth in business that has allowed it to reach a turnover of 20 million euros in 2019, the multinational Primeur, founded in Genoa in 1986 with headquarters in Switzerland and present in 28 countries around the world, aims to surpass 2020 with momentum through its new rebranding strategy characterized by an “unconventional” philosophy. The renewal of the image is born from the need to communicate the values and passion that unite the entire corporate asset: making the world of Data Integration more simple, accessible, smart, secure and, above all, sustainable, creating real value for customers. This is the main focus that Primeur wants to spread with his new identity. With a broader presence of 200 employees in 5 business regions in Europe (Switzerland, Italy, UK, Spain and France), Tunisia, North America, South America and Asia, the multinational company offers the highest professionalism in Data Integration to large international companies in the banking and insurance sectors, consumer goods, automotive and manufacturing, energy, communication and public administration. Out of a total of more than 300 customers, 25 Fortune 500 companies have chosen to adopt Primeur software, solutions and services to improve their data management. Among the most successful case histories are collaborations with BPM, Accenture, State Street, ING Group, FCA, Vodafone, EssilorLuxottica, Telefonica and Fujitsu. In the United Kingdom Primeur works with RR Donnelley, Unilever, Power Network and Thames Water.

“The innovative and “visionary” approach that has always distinguished our history, has allowed us to be recognized worldwide through products and platforms for data integration that are complete, secure, flexible and modular – says Stefano Musso, CEO of Primeur  Flexibility and strategic vision are our strengths born from the fusion of the technical know-how of a software house with the approach of a consulting company specializing in systems integration: the result is a product “tailor-made” but extremely high performance and standard. The customer finds in us a single interlocutor with whom to choose the best strategy and on whom to rely for the development and implementation of the identified solution. This approach, unique in the industry, in addition to making us stand out among the giants of Silicon Valley, has allowed us to maintain solid relationships of over 30 years with our main customers, taking care of their data with the same passion that has distinguished us since day one and that motivates us to develop an increasingly high-performance technology, but also more friendly, smart and intuitive, communicated in the best possible way by our new image and our new logo that represent us perfectly”.


Stefano Pagnoncelli, Marketing & Communication Director at the head of the new rebranding strategy, explains how and what elements will change with the new identity of Primeur:

“First of all we have worked on the new logo making it clearer, more current and recognizable. The yellow used for our claim “data passionate” represents the link with the past, while the dots of different colors represent the passage of data through our platforms: the initial blue dot represents the data that enters Primeur, the yellow dot outlines the mediation phase, while the purple dot symbolizes the data that leaves the platforms. A new line of communication that is more intuitive, smart and “unconventional” has also been adopted for our social channels and website, through which our simple, flexible and clear style emerges.  We have grown, we have evolved and now we want to make ourselves known through a new look that can bring out the values, identity and passion with which we face every challenge”.


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