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Primeur at RPA & Intelligent Automation 2022

Primeur at RPA & Intelligent Automation 2022

We're excited to attend the event RPA & Intelligent Automation 2022, taking place in Milan, Italy on May 25th!

Join us for a full day dedicated to exploring how automation is helping organizations from all industrial sectors respond to new challenges and make their business run better.

This sixth edition brings together automation experts, companies and technology providers to discuss the business impacts of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation, through a rich schedule of panels, presentations and talks.

With real-life case studies and experience sharing, attendants will have the opportunity to learn more about trending topics in robotics and the automation world - such as digital twins and human/machine interfaces - and understand how technology can be leveraged to increase operational efficiency, improve decision-making and simplify complex business processes.

As the use of robotics is rapidly spreading, companies are facing increasingly complex challenges in managing the related data - and here's where our Data Integration approach can help.

We can't wait to join the conversation, and we hope to meet you there!

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