Partnership with Bsamply

Partnership with Bsamply

Primeur and Bsamply join forces to Digitize B2B sourcing processes in Fashion and Interior Design.
Primeur and Bsamply announce a technological partnership for the new marketplace for fashion and interior design brands.

Lugano (Switzerland), 06/03/2018 – Primeur (, the European multinational leader in Enterprise Data Integration solutions, announces a technological partnership with Bsamply (, an American fashion-tech startup.

Primeur‘s objective is to support Bsamply by digitally transforming the sourcing process for textiles and other raw materials in the fashion and interior design industries through the introduction of an innovative business model that effectively integrates all of the data exchanged between the actors in the model: manufacturers of fabrics, yarns, accessories, and leathers on the one hand and international fashion and furniture brands on the other hand.

In recent years, Primeur has invested more than 20% of its revenues in the development of Primeur Ghibli Next, consolidating its role as a leader in data integration for the banking, financial, and insurance world. With this partnership, Primeur aims to further its reach by establishing itself as a point of reference in manufacturing and fashion.

Bsamply and Primeur began their collaboration through a traditional commercial relationship. The choice of Primeur Ghibli Next as a complete and innovative data integration solution for a very complex marketplace (including specific features, necessary links to production systems, and, consequently, IT based on very different and often proprietary technologies) satisfied both parties so well that the relationship evolved into a true technological partnership, which led to their most recent joint initiative.

After seeing how disruptive the impact of our platform was in terms of digitally transforming the sorucing process for textiles and other raw materials, we decided to sign an agreement and to participate directly in this initiative. —says Stefano Musso, CEO of the Primeur Group— We strongly believe that the use of fast and smart data as a key strategic lever and decision-making tool for each company will contribute, even in the short term, to the growth of those sectors in which digitization has had the most difficulty entering. While remaining focused on its core business of Enterprise Data Integration, with this partnership Primeur inaugurates a strategy of diversifying its approach to the market.

The Bsamply marketplace uses Primeur Ghibli Next, the Hybrid Integration Platform developed by Primeur’s Lab, as the beating heart of data integration. Thanks to the smart and efficient use of data and information the two companies intend to work together to contribute a major boost to the digitisation of the supply chain that manages textiles and all the raw materials used in fashion, which hasn’t changed much either technologically or procedurally during the past few decades.

Our partnership with Primeur, a leading international player in the world of data integration, represents important growth following our initiative’s start-up, and it is a fundamental part of our business plan,”
explains Andrea Fiume, CEO and Co-Founder of Bsamply, whose next objective is the official launch of the marketplace in May 2018, following a successful fundraising campaign.

This collaboration allows us to create cutting-edge technological solutions that provide a competitive advantage to companies that will sell and purchase through our platform, making the sourcing process faster and more efficient.


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