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A typical day of a Data-Driven decision company

A typical day of a Data-Driven decision company

Let’s see in concrete terms what happens if we want to build a Data Integration system for a fictional e-commerce store for energy drinks that we call Superhero Serum Inc. 


Navigating the Challenges of Multi-Source Data

Superhero Serum has multiple and disparate data sources: 

  1. An e-commerce selling tool is used to sell the energy drinks, it contains all data about purchases and orders. 
  2. A relational database is used to keep track of the stock in the warehouse. 
  3. Social and advertise platforms like IG, Google Ads and Facebook Ads provide valuable data to track the effectiveness of the customer acquisition campaigns. 
  4. A customer Service tool keeps track of customer support and returns.
  5. A CRM is used for contractual information on their clients. 


In this scenario, Sales figures whisper from one corner, marketing whispers from another, and customer details remain a mystery.

This is where Data Integration swoops in!

The Data integration system would collect the data from each source, apply data transformation rules and provides a single logical and unified view of data. It basically acts like a master key, unlocking all those data doors gathering information from everywhere (e-shop sales, B2B records in CRM).



3 Reasons why Superhero Serum.inc needs to have a unified view of its data: 

Let’s look at some examples of what the company can do thanks to a single unified view of data. 

  • Optimize profit: Data integration enables Superhero Serum to combine e-shop sales with B2B sales records and subtract returns, all in a single, centralized view. No more complex engineering projects, just clear answers! 
  • Improve Marketing ROI: Combinining marketing campaign data with sales figures allows the company to measure true return on investment. Superhero Serum can then optimize their marketing spend for maximum impact. 
  • Power up IT Efficiency: Data integration automates data movement between systems, freeing up IT for more strategic projects. Superhero Serum's IT team can focus on innovation instead of data wrangling. 


Data integration paints the whole picture, helping understanding what's driving growth. 

But that is not the only benefit of integrating data. Want to discover more? 

Learn more about our Data integration approach! 


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