Primeur Data Watcher

A sharp video to learn how Primeur Data Watcher enables companies to take decisions through visibility and auditing of data. Primeur Data Watcher addresses problems relating to the unmanaged data integrations and provides E2E technical and business information about all data integrations within and outside the company, regardless of technology and vendors.

Primeur Ghibli Next

A brief, concise introduction on how Primeur Ghibli NextHybrid Integration Platform manages Data Integration, in Hybrid environments and with a modular approach that eliminates the need to rip-and-replace existing integrations or tools.

Primeur Corporate video

Primeur is a multinational company headquartered in Switzerland specialising in Enterprise Data Integration solutions for more than 30 years. Main Clients are top companies “Fortune 500”, banks and insurance companies, fast-moving consumer goods, energy & utilities, manufacturing, telco operators and public administration. Moreover, Primeur has developed a specific offer for medium enterprises, aiming at the indirect channel and its network of Business Partners. The Group is widespread in Europe (Switzerland, Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Spain and France) and it has branches and commercial offices in North America, Latam and Asia. Rights reserved to Primeur and respective owners.

Video new brand Primeur

We are growing, we are changing, we are evolving. Also in our image! Short video about the evolution of Primeur’s logo. Technology changes, evolves. The winning approach in Enterprise Data Integration domain reinforces. Founded in 1986 – in Italy – we are now an International Group proudly supplying our Hybrid Integration Platform Products and Solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Join us!