Primeur Spazio File Extender for Websphere Message Broker enables to write new types of message flows that have a file source as input and/or a file destination as output, with several file handling options to choose from.

Primeur Spazio File Extender
provides file handling capability for IBM WebSphere Business Integration
Brokers applying services such as data transformation, data enrichment,
logging, routing to files content, convert messages into files, file
records, and vice versa, by simply wiring the relevant input/output node
into an appropriate message flow.

It consists of a set of broker plug-in nodes (namely a file input node and a
file output node) that are fully integrated with the Message Broker Toolkit
palette, giving new and existing users of WebSphere Business Integration
Message Broker immediate productivity with this new component.

The users will exploit file handling capabilities from the broker by modeling
message flows using one or more file nodes in conjunction with broker
built-in nodes and deploying them to one or more target brokers.

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