In the manufacturing industry, the biggest opportunity is in its ability to connect all business data, through devices, assets and workforce, to drive down process inefficiencies and data integration siloes. Organisations can strategically leverage the evolution of the use of data technologies to increase operational efficiency, producing higher and higher quality products and using predictive data for a seamless customer experience.

In an industrial sector where both production costs and demand for higher quality products are increasing, these key insights can transform an organisation from lagging to success. The burden of managing the immense amount of historical and real-time data, processed in different integration silos, can overwhelm the manufacturer technologically ahead.

How can the company deal with when it is likely that there are multiple legacy, distributed, on-premise and cloud systems that handle different integrations and do not talk to each other?

Primeur, with Primeur Ghibli Next Hybrid Integration Platform, helps manufacturing companies to implement a data integration strategy that allows them to bring together the best of breed applications in the market without replacing the existing architecture, fulfilling the full visibility and control of their data.

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