Improved business efficiency and productivity thanks to Primeur’s technology

One of the largest and most prestigious retail conglomerates in Latin America with operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

The challenge/the problem:

The expansion of business and the constant growth contributed to the complexity of the Client’s integration challenges. The reality of integration mediated by files showed that the traditional approach (FTP / SFTP etc.) for transmitting files was not up to their needs: security (to comply with SOX), traceability, guaranteed delivery, cover B2B and A2A scenarios



Thanks to Primeur’s solution of File Governance and Managed File Transfer the Client is able to have the right information securely delivered at the right time in order to run its business more efficiently, react to market faster and respond to competitive pressures quicker.


Adoption of the solution as a corporate standard for file transfer MFT solution for all the Company regardless the integration scenarios


Reliability of transfers


Traceability and visibility

SOX Compliance

Lower cost