Primeur Spazio MFT/s

Management, integration and governance of all file transfers


A comprehensive solution
of Managed File Transfer that enables enterprises to reduce risk and ITcosts and maintain control of the activities

managed file transfer

Addresses and resolves unsecured file transfer

Primeur Spazio MFT/s addresses and resolves the problems associated with unmanaged and unsecured file transfer across multiple protocols and multi-platform systems providing organizations with a complete control over all type of file transfer. Primeur Spazio MFT/s rich set of protocol connectors allows full integration with heterogeneous partners within and outside the Platform.


End-to-end visibility

Compliance with security policies

Easy integration with third-party tool

key features

Key Features


Primeur Spazio MFT/s works across many vendors environments: Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM Aix, Sun Solaris, HP Itanium, mainframe z/OS, OS/400 – PASE.


Compliant with a wide range of industry and proprietary protocols including SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, AS2, PeSIT, WebSphere MQ, Connect:Direct and more. Multi-Platform

Simplified Scripting

Through advanced Managed File Transfer features such as acknowledge messages, priority support, Guaranteed Delivery, No-loss/No-Duplication, Checkpoint Restart, Bandwidth Flow Control, Asynchronous File Transfer, Compression, Data Conversion the scripts become far simpler and less costly in terms of maintenance


the sending application from the file transfer process

key benefits

Key Benefits

Control over File Transfers

Management, integration and governance of all file transfers

Metadata management

Management of metadata associated with each file

Data transmission

Guaranteed data delivery to the end destination


Full security and compliance with current legislation

Customer Success Stories


Implementing a Secure and Compliant MFT solution at a corporate level for Internal and B2B File Transfers

Retail Company

Improved business efficiency and productivity thanks to Primeur’s technology


managed file transfer

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White Paper
Download Primeur Spazio MFT/s White Paper

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