Primeur Spazio Email

Management, integration and governance of all file transfers


Sending large attachments without being hampered by size and format limitations

email file transfer

Transfer sensitive and huge file in a secure and familiar way

E-mail is the most simple and familiar tool for exchanging information and transferring files. With our dependence on e-mail for global, low cost, and near real-time communication, e-mail usage is creating its own problems and these are being compounded by the need to meet ever increasing industry and government regulations regarding compliance and security. When critical or sensitive data are being transferred, standard e-mail platforms do not provide any or only limited Enterprise class security functionality – such as tracking, authentication or authorization – in order to protect those data.







key features

Key Features

Zero impact to end users

Users can work in their familiar email clients


 Business agility and accuracy can be improved by automatically integrating e-mail attachments into business processes

Improved flexibility

Large attachments can be sent securely via e-mail without size limitations.


Full traceability of who, what, and when thus ensuring compliance with industry and government regulations

key benefits

Key Benefits

No limitations

Primeur Spazio Email allows to send large attachments without being hampered by size and format limitations


Tracking of the entire flow-who sent the file, who retrieved it, and when


Recipients of attachments are identified and authorized


Independent of and full compatibility with all mail servers and clients


email file transfer

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