Primeur Ghibli Next
MFT solution

Management, integration and governance of all file transfers


Primeur Ghibli Next MFT is Primeur’s multi-protocol, multi-platform, managed
and secure file transport solution. It provides a centralized file gateway for managing inbound, outbound and internal file transfer.

file transfer

Addresses and resolves unsecured file transfer

Primeur Ghibli Next MFT is built upon an asynchronous architecture which decouples the sender/receiver from the actual file transfer. The application or the partner delivers the file to Primeur Ghibli Next MFTand can then continue with other processing: Primeur Ghibli Next MFT takes over the responsibility of delivering the file as soon as it can – usually immediately, although this may not always be the case.

For example, if the destination server is down, Primeur Ghibli Next MFT will wait and automatically retry. Primeur Ghibli Next MFT supports a wide range of standard and proprietary protocols as FTP(s), SFTP, SSH/SCP, HTTP(s), AS/2, C:Direct, PESIT(/s) and proprietary protocol (PR4,PR5).

High scalability

High reliability

High availability

High security

key features

Key Features

High availability

with native horizontal and vertical clustering it supports high volumes of file transfers and extremely large files without compromising the performances

Warm configuration setup

allows to change the configuration without stopping the service;

Event driven automation

actions triggered when a specific event happens;

Data security

according to customizable security policies;

File Versioning

assigns a unique identifier for every file received;

Events tracking

for a full and complete view of the activities executed;

key benefits

Key Benefits

Primeur Ghibli Next MFT provides the following benefits to our Clients:

Increase Productivity

Distributed and scalable architecture


Secure managed File Transfer


Business continuity with active/active architecture

Faster Partner Onboarding

Metadata management


Monitoring and Reporting


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file transfer

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