Primeur Ghibli Next is an open platform that integrates with third party tools already in use, and simplifies the data integration process, making sure that businesses gain the greatest value from all their data by making it available to the broadest number of users and applications.


Primeur Ghibli Next Integration Platform helps organizations to integrate data between the different systems and applications in the right time, with lower cost and possibly reducing the impacts on existing applications.

integration platform

Hybrid Integration Platform

Primeur Ghibli Next Integration Platform speeds data integration with a modular approach that eliminates the need to rip-and-replace existing integrations or tools. This lets organizations upgrade their existing architecture in an evolutionary manner, providing continual stability even as applications and infrastructure change over time.

Primeur Ghibli Next utilizes a publish-and-subscribe model to enable users and applications of all kinds to either contribute data to, or access data from, a central view of all enterprise information, without the need to make a single change to any application.
Primeur Ghibli Next integrates data governance, data manipulation, transport and connectivity tools, delivering a seamless integration platform for all file and object data.

Input Connector




Output Connector

key features

Key Features


Manages the configuration and interaction between data producer and consumer and how data is acted upon.

Workflow Engine

Edits new workflows, executes pre-defined processes and automates many tasks handling and authorization request


Provides for authentication, authorization and audit, and can interface to an existing security.

API Integration

A set of REST APIs for managing configuration, initiation, and up-and download from a Primeur Ghibli DataBox

Data Quality

This optional element uncovers inconsistencies and data anomalies, and first level quality control.


Collects information on all events from creators and consumers, both users and applications, that interface with the Primeur Ghibli Next platform.

End to End Governance

Ensures all activities are supervised and carried out based on agreed service level.

Managed File Transfer

Secure, managed file transfer solution supporting multiple products, protocols and platforms.

Data processing

Connectors and tools enabling integration with the broadest range of sources.

key benefits

Key Benefits

Asynchronous or synchronous integration

Primeur Ghibli Next enables asynchronous data movement between synchronous applications

Data moving through heterogeneous technologies

Support for a broad range of heterogenous technologies yields a single platform that delivers end-to-end flow control and visibility of data – your most precious asset.

Data integration without changing source and target applications

Thanks to its modular approach, Primeur Ghibli Next integrates perfectly other platforms, solutions and existing software of Clients, eliminating the need to substitute tools already in use.

End-To-End flow control and visibility

Primeur Ghibli Next offers full control and visibility to all data flows.

Reuse of processes

Reusing processes we allow our Clients to improve business efficiency

Minimize the time and cost of integration activity

Primeur Ghibli Next simplifies the data integration process minimizing cost and time involved in ensuring that businesses gain the greatest value from all their data.

Customer Success Stories

Finance Company

Business agility and Regulatory Compliance thanks to the full automation of data management.

Food Company

Starting a new data integration strategy thanks to
Primeur Ghibli Hybrid Integration Platform


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A brief, concise introduction on how Primeur Ghibli Next
Hybrid Integration Platform manages Data Integration, in Hybrid environments and with a modular approach that eliminates the need to rip-and-replace existing integrations or tools.

Download Primeur Ghibli Next White Paper

White Paper
Download Primeur Ghibli Next Hybrid Integration Platform White Paper

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