Primeur File Governance

Enabling companies to take decisions
through visibility and auditing of file transfers.


Primeur helps organizations to turn data into a real competitive advantage, ensure business success and sustainability.

file governance

File control and manage

One of the first issues that any organization that wants to modernize or to control better their file transfer infrastructure faces, is to identify what is transported, by whom, to whom and when. Primeur File Governance helps to monitor and track the file transfer (internal and external to the company) to make sure that all the operations and processes work correctly.


Management and Monitoring

Improved business visibility

Reduced infrastructure maintenance

key features

Key Features





key benefits

Key Benefits

Primeur File Governance provides the following benefits to the clients

Tracking data flows

Primeur File Governance tracks data flows starting from the origin up the destination including any transformation, enrichment, and routing

Improve enterprise decision management

Rapid response of client’s business demands, reducing complexity and costs.

Preventing failures and saving costs

Primeur File Governance helps organizations to reduce costs and to make processes more efficient.

 Centralized management of flows

Primeur File Governance enables companies to monitor and manage all data movements through a web based application that centralize the access to information.

Customer Success Stories

Intesa Sanpaolo

Enterprise Service Bus with full Governance End-to-End

Coffee Company

Starting a new data integration strategy thanks to
Primeur Ghibli Hybrid Integration Platform


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file governance

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White Paper
Download Primeur File Governance White Paper

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