Primeur DropFile

Enabling users and organizations to send files of any size and format without turning to unsecure and unmanaged workarounds


Primeur DropFile provides organizations with a simple, fast and ready-to- use tool whilst at the same time ensuring the full control and audit of data exchange.

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Transfering anything, anywhere

Primeur DropFile is built on Primeur’s extensive knowledge of secure managed file transfer to address the corporate requirements for security and traceability providing at the same time employees with a simple and easy to use way of exchanging files of any size or format.Users can send files to a list of e-mail recipients with the possibility to include a text into the e-mail. Recipients receive the e-mail message with an URL to download their files safely. Primeur DropFile can be installed in private cloud or on-premises and used with any device.



Integration with existing MFT infrastructures

Reporting and analysis

key features

Key Features


Securely send files outside the company

Easy Interface

Easy and simple-to-use interface

Any File

Capability to transfer files of any size


Ensures traceability of exchanges: the company must know who sent and received what and when;


Compliant with corporate standards of reliability and high availability.

key benefits

Key Benefits

Primeur DropFile offers the following benefits:

Improve control on File exchange

Enabling full control of file exchange within and outside the organization

Easy Integration with IT environment:

The P2A and A2P features enable the integration with enterprise application and, together with Primeur technologies, help to automate the data exchange throughout the entire IT environment

External user on-boarding

Primeur DropFile monitors users (internal and external to the company) and guarantees that files are only sent to authorized users.

Enforces confidentiality

the files can only be read by the recipient and no one else


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