Enabling companies to take decisions through visibility and auditing of data and to be compliant through End-to-End Data Governance.


Primeur Data Watcher addresses problems relating to the unmanaged data integrations and provides E2E technical and business information about all data integrations within and outside the company, regardless of technology and vendors.

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In a world that is becoming digital every organization is experiencing a data deluge coming from different data islands (cloud applications, best of breed of legacy application…) due to the volume and to the variety of digital information and data integrations that continue to increase.

Moreover, in this scenario, Organizations are required to be compliant with new and more restricting regulations about data and its management (i.e. Basilea III and IV, GDPR, etc.. )

At the same time the proliferation of data running between applications represents an opportunity for those that see the value of all these data and have the chance to think about their data strategy in order to find the best way to manage them and ensure successful digital transformation and business strategy.

E2E Visibility







key features

Key Features


Component for authentication and authorization management.

Monitoring agents

A set of different agents for events collection during the execution of a service.

Real Time Data Processing streaming

The analizer of the events coming from the agents and saved in the repository: according to the configuration defined in the modeler this component can execute action (for example, alerting in case of fault)


Web user interface with filters on repository for finding processes, zoom on event/activities of a process

Flow Board

Dashboard that allows to see what’s happening within data integrations managed by Primeur Data Watcher.


The container (persistance) for all the configurations, rules and information coming from the agents or processed by the monitoring streaming for the correlation.


Web user interface for process flows modeling; a process flow can be drawn using the information saved in the temporary repository or from an empty form or with auto-learning features or with an import from external file


Web user interface for dashboards management (configuration of dashboards, execution of dashboards).


Web user interface for reporting management (configuration of reports, execution of reports)

key benefits

Key Benefits

Improve enterprise decision management

Rapid response of client’s business demands, reducing complexity and costs
Transferring data is the most widely used method for data integration both between and within organizations. Some data transfers are more important than others. Importance can usually be determined by a combination of either time of arrival or content or both. The importance is often measured by SLAs to be respected. System Management products are used by IT departments to track and monitor the network. What they don’t tell is if a particular data is likely to miss its SLAs, if it’s alerting the business unit responsible for the data and its SLAs, if critical thresholds are likely to be breached, this valuable information will greatly improve efficiency, customer service, and save money.
Primeur Data Watcher does it!!!

Real time visibility business data governance

Monitoring the Data Governance Processes opens a window to improve business visibility.
Maintaining control over Data transfers is critical to any business process especially in a complex enterprise. Business areas including applications, business units, customers, locations, servers, time zones, and trading partners can be simply identified in a consolidated view. Data monitoring (Data Traceability, Data Visibility and Predict the impact on the Business Applications) acts as an early warning system for catching data quality, security or privacy compliance problems before they wreak havoc on your dependent applications, reports, and processes. Combined with facilities to report on the state of data quality or data security problems, data real time visibility ensures the right level of checks and balances are in place to quickly react to changes as needed.

Cost reduction of the Data transfer Management

Knowing the priority of data transfers can reduce operational expenses through data consolidation.
Each data transfer system is, in effect, its own middleware infrastructure. For example Mainframe based proprietary data transfer systems are often used to connect directly with other enterprises by the same proprietary file transfer system, particularly between financial organizations. The perceived difficulty in removing these proprietary data transfer systems can lead to high maintenance charges and operational costs associated with maintaining multiple infrastructures. Removing the “fear of the unkown”, by being able to discover and track all data transfers regardless of protocols used – IP and proprietary – taking place within the enterprise, can enable a planned, lower risk and lower cost project to consolidate all file transfers into a single cost-efficient infrastructure. Discovering and tracking existing data transfers leads to reduced infrastructure maintenance.

Compliance with security and regulatory policies

Ready response of client demands for strategic information will improve value-added services.
Data transfers can fail for all sorts of reasons, even if this is not always visible by the business as the data Transfer can be quickly corrected and re-executed; every time a failure happens it carries an Operational Expense cost. In case of sensitive data that are subject to strict SLAs or to regulatory rules, the cost of the failure can be higher and visible to business only when it’s not avoidable (i.e. Basilea III and IV, fraud-prevention, GDPR). Finding out where the failure occurred and hence where the data is, is a vastly more complex and costly exercise, when multiple protocols are in use, for whoever is responsible for Data Transfers. However, finding out where the failure occurred and have the right tools to prevent it, enables organizations to reduce costs and to make processes more efficient.

Everywhere and anywhere availability

Defining file & data integration policies according to the “always-on enterprise”
The explosion of digital media due to the rise of e-commerce, social media, mobile devices and online banking is making companies in every industry rethink the way they structure their business and their IT organization. Companies cannot afford to be offline, even if batch windows are continuously shortening, batch processes are still needed, therefore it’s important to investigate the data transfer to create policies (time – priority – SLA) that help companies to be “always on” without compromising its effectiveness. Up to 20% of all data transfers may be redundant having been ‘left behind’ when upgrades have been done to applications and infrastructures. In addition, many data transfers may not be critical and errors could be worked on during normal working hours if only that information had been available.

Self Service Integration

Data Integration manageable by the lines of business
Primeur Data Watcher is a tool for business users, who can understand without intermediation what happens in all existing E2E data integrations, they can also use a reusable catalogue of all data integration artefacts (configuration, data description, integration endpoints, flows, …) to be autonomous and independent from the Integration Competence Center for the integration on demand that business requires today.


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Primeur Data Watcher
A sharp video to learn how Primeur Data Watcher enables companies to take decisions through visibility and auditing of data. Primeur Data Watcher addresses problems relating to the unmanaged data integrations and provides E2E technical and business information about all data integrations within and outside the company, regardless of technology and vendors.

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