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The challenge for corporate IT is to find an easy-to-use system that also guarantees security, manageability, and E2E traceability and, not least, cost effectiveness.

Organizations around the world have to manage a big issue: how can they allow employees to exchange files
with each other, with external parties and applications safely
? What should they do as these files grow? How can they track the file streams generated within or outside the company?

File transfers, sent or received by people within or without an organization, represent a significant percentage of the total and, as a result of the growing demand for knowledge sharing and productivity, companies that don’t provide secure and easy-to-use file exchange tools, can jeopardize data security or lose efficiency.

Employees demand effective and user-friendly file exchanging capabilities, and organizations that do not implement these internally will see an increase of sensitive data being transmitted without their control.

By implementing file exchanging platforms that leverage on-site deployment models, enterprises can supervise sensitive information exchange without compromising employee productivity, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Full control of file exchange within and outside organization

Primeur Spazio Email

Primeur Spazio Email

Sending large attachments without being hampered by size and format limitations.

primeur Dropfile

Primeur DropFile

Enabling users to send files of any size and format without turning to unsecure and unmanaged workarounds.

primeur ghibli

Primeur Ghibli NextIntegration Platform
Helps organizations to integrate data between different systems and applications in the right time, with lower cost and possibly reducing the impacts on existing applications.

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