Primeur Ghibli™, the new Hybrid Integration Platform is Launched in Europe, Usa and Latam

A unique approach to Data Integration in the international software scenario.

Lugano (Switzerland), 22/03/2016Primeur Ghibli, is the result of intense and on-going research and development investment by Primeur’s Lab, and it’s based on data integration expertise gained internationally over the last three decades in software and middleware industry; it is the answer for all companies that have to enhance productivity with complete enterprise integration coverage, that fulfils their specific needs.

The rising trends of Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, SaaS and IoT are determining the explosion of data and applications; organizations need to have a complete and easy-to-use IT integration environment to respond in real time to business challenges.

Emerging digital business initiatives are creating more demand for unified platforms composed of enabling technologies capable of addressing a much wider range of integration requirements and use-case scenarios. By 2018, as Gartner states, more than 40% of organizations will use integration infrastructure that they assemble from Hybrid Integration Platform-enabling technologies*.

To meet these demands Primeur has invested in a new Hybrid Integration Platform, Primeur Ghibli, a framework for data integration, able to orchestrate the different components and to deal with the market trends.

“Our Clients are demanding a strong and flexible technology solution, coupled with a proven methodology for implementation and management of on-going operations. -dice Luca Musso, Primeur CTO– By bringing together an event-based secure integration platform and integrating with the customer’s architecture through micro-services implementations, we have been able to deliver scalable robust solutions that operate asynchronously with full end-to-end governance capabilities.”

Primeur Ghibli offers the ability to reach an unprecedented level of integration between legacy applications on-premises and hybrid cloud allowing organizations to gain a competitive advantage and support new business models.

“Our Hybrid Integration Platform will help companies and financial institutions to reduce IT related costs over the next 2 years by an estimated 18% and will empower Business Lines speeding up decisional processes, and optimizing Data Flow Governance“ – as Stefano Musso, Primeur CEO says – “Our strongest key differentiator is the capability of designing and implementing products and solutions that effectively adapt to Clients existing infrastructure, applications and business processes”.

Thanks to the adaptive approach offered by Primeur Ghibli, organizations will have a better mission-critical data control in a hyperconnected world.

*Gartner, Market Guide for Hybrid Integration Platform-Enabling Technologies, Jess Thompson, Eric Thoo, Benoit J. Lheureux, 17 July 2015