Managed Services


Primeur delivers continuous and recurring services on its technologies, regulated by service level agreements.
The types of services offered may vary basing on the Client’s needs (Application Management, System Software Management, Server Hosting or other) and are provided both on site and remotely depending on the customer’s requirements.

Managed Services provide:
• The supply of recurring services contracted with customers to comply with the agreed SLA
• Management and maintenance of the products involved in “Managed Services” contracts, structured in either Business Hours (5×8) and 7×24

Check on the correct operation of the entire infrastructure
• The collection and analysis of issues; in case of anomalies of the product, Primeur ensures support with feedback, updates and management until the resolution of the case
• The maintenance of Patch Management activities necessary for the correct operation of the infrastructure
• Configuration changes and updates versions on platforms and environments involved in the service
• The expertise of Primeur’s systems, product specialists and IT Architect, as agreed with the customer.

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