Insurtech is having a great impact on traditional companies in the sector, both for the fundamental concept on which it is based and for the speed with it is establishing itself. The proliferation of technology companies focused on IoT, will have a huge impact on banks and insurance companies, because they will offer more relevant data that can reduce costs, provide customers as well as insurers with greater efficiency, and create a consistent experience across all contact points, be the basis of usage-based policies, which represent a certain trend in the automotive industry. In IoT we can also include subcategories such as smart home and smart building, which offer multiple opportunities to the insurance world.


IoT is changing the relationship between the insurer and the insured through a new way of reading and using data. Data from sensor-equipped devices can represent an enormous amount of information, but data has to be integrated and analyzed to give to the business an insights. While in internet age 1.0 the digitisation of companies was interpreted as the banal opening of a corporate website, intended as an online transposition of the printed brochure; and in internet age 2.0 as an entrance into the world of social or ecommerce; now, in the age of industry 4.0, digital technology has invested the insurance industry like a storm. Imposing changes: a new culture, new business models, new processes, new data management, a new way to consider customers.

The vehicle of the future will be increasingly connected and cooperative until it becomes autonomous and will move towards a very different mobility from the current one. More and more intelligent cars will be built, but smart infrastructures will also be built to improve the safety of drivers.

It is also necessary to consider the new business models that IoT environment makes available for the automotive world, connected to the concept of cars as a service and not necessarily as a durable asset.

primeur ghibli

Primeur Ghibli NextIntegration Platform
Helps organizations to integrate data between different systems and applications in the right time, with lower cost and possibly reducing the impacts on existing applications.

Primeur Data Watcher
Enabling companies to take decisions through visibility and auditing of data and to be compliant through End-to-End Data Governance.

Primeur GBI
Supporting Hybrid Integration through business process flow design, powerful data mapping/validation/routing capabilities, human workflow and reusable integration assets.

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