Software Solution Vendor
Primeur is a software solution vendor with a system integrator approach, we combine our software with tailored solutions to meet Client’s specific needs. We provide the Client with our advisoring and support in a constant and long lasting relationship.

Speed Data Integration
Primeur Ghibli Next Integration Platform speeds data integration with a modular approach that eliminates the need to rip-and-replace existing integrations or tools. This lets organizations upgrade their existing architecture in an evolutionary manner, providing continual stability even as applications and infrastructure change over time.

Reusing existing applications & preserving costs
Primeur is able to support multiple and heterogeneous platforms that can be integrated with products from third parties (open, mainframe, distributed). With this agile approach Clients do not need to change their existing applications and can protect their investments reusing components and applications, integrating them with our platform.

Client first
Over 30 years of experience taught us that data integration is a complex topic for every company. We learnt how to build a winning path with our Clients and how to drive them in choosing the most effective strategy to gain the greatest value from their data.

Data Mediator
Performs required operations on DataBox objects to prepare for use by the consumer application or user.
Data Integration
Primeur allows to easily automate your data integration process.
Data Governance
Enabling companies to take decisions through visibility and auditing of data flows within and outside the organization.

Data Integration Ready for the Third Decade 2020-2030!


To have full control of integrating data without changing applications and managing the complexity

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primeur ghibli

Primeur Ghibli Next

Primeur Ghibli Next Hybrid Integration Platform is an open platform that integrates with third party tools already in use, and simplifies the data integration process, making sure that businesses gain the greatest value from all their data by making it available to the broadest number of users and applications.

Primeur Data Watcher

Primeur Data Watcher addresses problems relating to the unmanaged data integrations and provides E2E technical and business information about all data integrations within and outside the company, regardless of technology and vendors.

Primeur GDPR

Primeur GDPR enables companies to react promptly to all challenges related to the processing of personal data according to the GDPR regulation and to demonstrate their compliance.

How to address different integration requirements? Know more about Primeur Ghibli Next