Health Check

Primeur Health Check provides an in-depth analysis of the Client’s Data Integration environment. Primeur Health Check focuses on the environments in which Primeur’s products are installed, with the aim of identifying overall stability, evaluating all the technological stack used, hardware and software components and identifying all the possible technical and performance limits that can affect applications and consequently the business.

Primeur Health Check has been studied by applying a methodology (Primeur Data Integration Patterns) based on the experience gained by Primeur operating for more than 30 years in the Data Integration Arena

Through Health Check Primeur can provide its customers with maximum benefits in the following areas:

  • Architecture and technology stack review
  • Evaluation of consumption of hardware resources (CPU, memory, disk, network etc.)
  • Identify performance issues and bottlenecks
  • Identify database performance issues
  • Revision of architectures and sizing to manage capacity increases (Capacity Planning)
  • Review architectures to manage large files
  • Revision of open incidents to provide rapid solutions
  • Identify inefficiencies in Primeur Spazio MTF/s? Queue Manager configurations
  • Identification of inefficiencies in file transfer script
  • Review and assessment of performance and mitigation plan risks
  • Review parallelism, queues and priorities
  • Review purging, archiving, indexing and recovery processes
  • Diagnosis of customer-specific problems.

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