Dear friend,
We are glad to announce that our Ghlibi Next 2.4.0 software release is now available.

The key words in this release are:

  • Speed-up operations for Integration Specialists and Administrators;
  • Easier management of complex concepts:
  • Improved security with internal file encryption.

Our goal has been to make your work faster, easier and safer!
Here below you can find detailed information on the new features. If you have further questions, feel free to ask our Help Desk or your Account Manager.

We hope you enjoy the new capabilities.
Best regards,


Ghibli Next Items:

Now monitoring operations are quicker and easier since logs are stored in a single location and converted into a common format.
In addition, log sorting, search and filtering simplify analysis and troubleshooting.

The new Logs module allows to monitor all operations quickly and effectively. Logs are now aggregated and converted into a common format so that events can be easily verified in the Web User Interface of Ghibli Next™. This simplifies troubleshooting, making it possible to discover the root problem quickly. Furthermore, logs can be sorted, filtered and searched for a better and easier user experience.

Now distributed Transport Engines can be managed more easily in the Ghibli Next WUI.

In addition to listing the name, protocol, host address and port of each server, this improvement allows Administrators to quickly verify the status of each server and the associated DMZ port. Moreover, servers can be started and stopped simply clicking a button, speeding-up operations and efficiency.

Now it is faster and easier to identify the reason why a file has not been delivered when Primeur proprietary protocols are used.

When a Destination server cannot be reached through Primeur proprietary protocols, a red circle with an exclamation mark appears on the Web User Interface. In this way, Integration Specialists can understand immediately the reason why the file has not reached its destination and solve the problem promptly.

Now thousands of directories can be quickly monitored through a Folder Monitor and without impacting performance.

A standalone daemon called Folder Monitor checks modifications occurring in configured directories on servers. Once a modification is detected (e.g. files are added, deleted or modified) the associated Contract will be triggered.

Now all Virtual File Systems (VFS) assigned to users are aggregated in a single view, speeding-up users’ activities though a single access point for all the VFS they have assigned.

In Ghibli Next different VFS views can be set for different users (Internal and External) that see the same VFS. Custom Virtual File System views can be created per Partner, Group and User with granular access permissions.

Now the association of users and groups to the Virtual File System, when defining Incoming Calls, is easier and quicker.

When configuring Incoming Calls, the association of the VFS that the user will see can be demanded to Ghibli Next™. The association will occur automatically, collecting the information from the VFS already assigned to the selected user or group and merging all authorized VFSs. You just have to select a radio button and Ghibli Next™ will proceed automatically.

Now Administrators can manage Users and Groups more easily.

New options have been added to the right-click menu on the Users & Groups section of Ghibli Next™.
Simply selecting the entry, Administrators can perform operations like:

  • assigning users to a Partner and unassigning them;
  • binding, unbinding and deleting users from plugins like the A3Server;
  • disabling users without removing them from the platform – this is useful when users need temporary access to the service.

Now designing workflows is easier and more intuitive thanks to a reduced Workflow Palette.

The Workflow Palette has been simplified keeping basic actions, such as connections, gateway and Primeur Bricks. Now the most common and useful items used when designing the workflow are quickly available.

Access to the full palette is still possible if required. Please reach out to your Sales Account Manager for details.

Now internal files can be encrypted to improve security.

Internal files can be encrypted with the Encrypt At Rest feature using a symmetric key created for the Cluster and fully managed by the customer. Creation occurs in the Key Store section of Ghibli Next™.

Installing this release of Data Watcher, you will be able to enrich Data Flows with totally configurable business information and will take advantage of ad-hoc procedures of backup, restore and clean-up of the Data Watcher Database.

– Data Flow Enrichment using Attributes

Now Data Flows can be enriched with totally configurable business information.

Custom tags can be added to Data Flows to enrich them with business information, such as the name of the business process that generated the Data Flow, the business contact, etc. These tags can be based on open or closed dictionaries depending on your needs.

Improved management of Data Watcher Database

Now backup, restore and clean-up operations of the Data Watcher Database can be managed with ad-hoc procedures.

The management of the Data Watcher Database has been improved adding backup and restore procedures. A clean-up procedure is also available to delete all data up to a specific date or delete data older than a specific number of days.