Why we are unconventional

« Lack of responsibility! That’s the topic we often hear from our Clients and prospects when they talk about the suppliers they deal with. More and more often, it happens that these companies offer their off-the-shelf products, without listening too carefully to the real needs of the Client.

In this scenario the Client is often forced to purchase a product that does not even meet 100% of his needs,  leading him to resort to a consulting firm that, on a project basis, will do the customization of software or some “ad hoc” developments on what is missing, in order to obtain what he requested.

The real complications often break out when the production starts. In case of problems, even serious such as production down, the Client refers to the SW producer, that tries to blame the consulting firm that in turn tries to pass the buck to the SW producer.

To sum up, the Client pays for a software even if he only uses a percentage of it and for a consulting and customization project that allows the SW product to meet the requested needs. All this, causes waste of time and money during the production phase because of the shift of responsibilities between SW producer and consulting company.

Here is where we feel deeply « unconventional ». Our “solution approach” and the fact that we are both SW producer and System Integrator lead us to have a totally different behaviour from the others.

First of all, before proposing our solutions to customers or prospect we Listen to them.

We try to understand the problems and the real needs of the Client, then, thanks to the fact that our technologies are open and developed to components we imagine the winning architecture for the Client that aims to reuse the existing technologies (being system integrator, it’s part of our DNA to integrate what is already in use with what is new).

We are able to propose a (standard) solution that meets 100% of the Client’s needs (it’s standard, because thanks to our skills we can generalize the Client’s requirements, bringing them to 90% of market use cases).  Here is another of our key differentiators; choosing Primeur, the Client buys what he actually needs and what he will actually use (good ROI), having to deal with a unique Partner and single responsible for the solution, reducing costs on the production phase.

We develop scalable solutions that are open to the Client’s strategic evolution, which we first wanted to understand together. That’s why we have been managing heterogeneity for over 30 years, through solid and historical partnership relationships with local and international Clients, of various size and sectors. »


Stefano Musso, CEO Primeur Group