Business agility and Regulatory Compliance thanks to the full automation of data management.

US finance company that works in 30 countries and deals mainly with the activity of custodian bank

The challenge/the problem:

The Client has to exchange bank documents (i.e financial reporting, statements of account related to investment funds etc) with its Clients.

The existing architecture, integrated by a PPS script (Post Process Script) developed by the internal IT turned to be inadequate to handle the increasing volume of data, and consequently the complexity of integration.

It needs an infrastructure that ensures:

Reliability, Safety, speed of deployment partnering onboard and visibility and E2E governance of the flows.


Primeur GBI made it possible to replace the PPS script by completing the Client architecture and fulfilling the requirements of visibility, control, and ensuring compliance with the terms imposed by law for financial communications


The implementation of the Hybrid Integration Platform Primeur Ghibli enables data integration regardless of the platforms and allows to achieve:


Risk reduction for the introduction of new flows;


Time reduction for the onboarding of Clients and Partners;

Assurance of flow visibility, control, modelling and prediction towards the end client;


Assurance of compliance with the terms imposed by the law for financial communications.

  • implementation time and risk reduction;
  • simple roll-back;
  • protection of investments;
  • greater flexibility: simpler process management, prompt answer to the business needs;
  • total visibility on flows