ESB allows integration between different applications allowing several integration methods across different IT environments. Implementing an ESB is a good answer for those organizations that want increase their agility, focusing their efforts in business growth.

Adopting the right product can make the difference and have a big influence on the growth and success of the architecture. Primeur GhibliIntegration Platform is the right answer to implement an ESB that is extensible to incrementally incorporate advanced features such as data encryption, identity management, and remote service discovery.

Implementing an Enterprise Service Bus through Primeur’s Data Integration Platform allows to:

  • Build re-usable interfaces. Using an existing service or parts of an existing interface requires significantly less effort than building a new one.
  • Automate many routine tasks of integration operation. Consistent and productive tools for monitoring and managing integrations reduce the time needed for operations tasks. Many operations tasks can be performed centrally and do not require to log-in to distributed servers and to perform inconsistent routine task.
  • Provide a high quality of service for integrations. The number of exceptions that require intervention by operations personnel will be reduced. Consistent and productive tools for resolving exceptions reduce the time needed for exception handling.
  • Reduce the number and effort for manual intervention and correction by business personnel.

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