data governance

In a world that is becoming digital and that is accelerating business activities, organizations that want to remain competitive are required to face these changes and enforce their strategy of control and governance of their information.

End-to-End Data Governance & Lineage

Companies are assisting to the increase of volumes and sizes of data generated from the applications interaction. Those who don’t pay enough attention to Data Governance risk to incur in inefficiencies in their business processes Organizations should start by managing Data, enabling the E2E visibility of data exchange.

E2E Data governance visibility is not a “nice to have” initiative but a real value and a key tool for risk prevention. Only those organizations that consider E2E data visibility as part of their business strategy will be able to turn data into a real competitive advantage, deliver short and longer term value and ensure business success and sustainability. Automating business processes commonly requires connecting applications and orchestrating their interactions.

Primeur helps organizations to face integration challenges. It has developed products and solutions that provide E2E visibility of the entire data lifecycle focusing on Hybrid Integration. We track data flows starting from the origin up through final data form (destination) including any transformation, enrichment, and routing.


Management and Monitoring

Hybrid Integration

Reduced infrastructure maintenance

Primeur GBI
Supporting Hybrid Integration through business process flow design, powerful data mapping/validation/routing capabilities, human workflow and reusable integration assets.

Primeur Data Watcher
Enabling companies to take decisions through visibility and auditing of data and to be compliant through End-to-End Data Governance.

primeur ghibli

Primeur Ghibli NextIntegration Platform
Helps organizations to integrate data between different systems and applications in the right time, with lower cost and possibly reducing the impacts on existing applications.

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