The optimal lifecycle management of the physical assets of any organization.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the management of the assets of an enterprise. EAM integrates techniques for holistic control and optimization through:

  • processes that are increasingly streamlined,
  • optimised and traced,
  • regulatory compliance.
  • maximum efficiency and reliability of its assets,
  • greater collaboration with third parties (adaptation to new business models)
  • qualitative guarantee of the service provided
  • extending the useful life of its assets

All “Asset Intensive” organizations must therefore manage, maintain and monitor their assets optimally to give the maximum benefit to the company throughout asset life cycles, including design, commissioning, operations and replacement. For example, they need to optimise inventory management, production management, machine repair, hiring and personnel management, scheduling and plant maintenance flows.

These organizations have to deal with the progressive ageing of material assets (plants, equipment, infrastructures, building components, communication and piping systems, electrical and electronic devices, etc.), which involves continuous and increasing maintenance and repair activities, especially considering that the performance of the assets and the consequent quality of goods and services produced are directly affected by their reliability.
We frequently point out that technological infrastructures manage different data and processes on different and non-integrated applications, this non holistic view of the organization, limiting its effectiveness and efficiency in a sensitive way.

In summary, EAM is oriented to gain the following results:

Maximized ROA


Reduced costs and risks leo.


Improved asset decision making


Compliance with required regulations

Increased asset service responses and enhanced efficiency


Lowered TCO

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