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«In every art simplicity is essential.»


our new data integration platform

Modular, scalable and flexible, it integrates with third-party IT tools already in use. This simplifies the Data Integration process and ensures companies get the maximum value from their data.


PRIMEUR DATA ONE preserves existing IT investments and existing IT systems, maximizing their performance and duration

Modular and configurable

PRIMEUR DATA ONE can be composed of 4 different modules, each of them with specific functionality.

PRIMEUR DATA ONE can be configured according to your needs, choosing to implement the different modules over time or when new operational needs arise.

This approach allows to plan the evolution of the integration platform over time, avoiding oversized and superstructured solutions.

Hybrid Integration Platform

PRIMEUR DATA ONE is the hub allowing to manage data displacement, integration, transformation and monitoring through a single access point and a unique, simple and intuitive User Experience.

It is vital for organizations that generate, collect or store data and want to manage them in a secure, structured and effective way.

Managed File Transfer

PRIMEUR DATA MOVER is the Managed File Transfer component.

Thanks to an effective MFT system, it can solve all data movement problems in a safe and efficient way, without technological constraints.

Data transformation

PRIMEUR DATA SHAPER is the component transforming data that will be used by other applications, different from those that have generated it.

PRIMEUR DATA SHAPER ensures that each application receives data in a suitable format for processing.

End to End monitoring

PRIMEUR DATA WATCHER manages and controls the End to End (E2E) Data Integration, ensuring control and visibility over all flows, from their origin to their destination

PRIMEUR DATA WATCHER is independent from integration technologies and platforms that produce or consume data

GDPR Compliance

PRIMEUR DATA PRIVACY is the component offering Data Quality and GDPR compliance services to organizations. It manages Interactive Maps, Records of Processing Activities and Data Discovery in multiple sources (both structured and unstructured).