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«Every complicated thing can be split in many simpler things.
You just need a method.»

Organization and Control

PRIMEUR DATA ONE is based on the Contract Oriented Architecture (COA), a methodology entirely developed by Primeur.

The Contract Oriented Architecture is based on more than 30 years of Data Integration expertise with the most important Fortune 500 companies.

This methodology represents a revolution in the organization of Data Integration processes, building each process on a Contract.

The Contract

PRIMEUR DATA ONE uses the Contract to define and regulate the relationship between Data Producers and Data Consumers.


The Contract contains all the rules and characteristics of the different phases of the Data Integration, standardizing it and making it reusable

How Contracts work

Through the Contract, PRIMEUR DATA ONE defines, manages and controls 3 main concepts:

the ENTITIES (WHO is part of the process)

the EVENTS (WHEN the contract is triggered)

the ACTIONS (WHAT  the objects must do)

Thanks to this methodology, we always know where the data is and what the data is supposed to do, anticipating and isolating operative problems.