Who we are

Primeur is a multinational group headquartered in Switzerland specialising in Enterprise Data Integration solutions for more than 30 years.
Using framework and proprietary technologies, it has developed products and solutions for Enterprise Data Governance, designing and implementing the innovative hybrid platform Primeur Ghibli. The offering is focused on software solutions of Secured Managed File Transfer (MFT/s), File & Data Governance E2E, Data Security, B2B Integration, in addition to Person Centric for Enterprise solutions.

Primeur’s unique approach in the international software scenario is to Integrate data of every Client – thanks to its products, created and developed in the R&D centres – using our HIP platform without modifying the applications.

This approach combined with Primeur Ghibli HIP allows companies to keep existing technologies and applications, or even to adopt new ones in line with the increasing amount of information and with emerging market trends (IOT, Sensor Machines, Big Data,…), ensuring effective integration of all Data in the organization. Primeur offer includes “customized industrial products” that meet national and international standards and compliances on Data Security.

Main Clients are top companies “Fortune 500”, banks and insurance companies, fast-moving consumer goods, energy & utilities, manufacturing, telco operators and public administration. Moreover, Primeur has developed a specific offer for medium enterprises, aiming at the indirect channel and its network of Business Partners.

The Group is widespread in Europe (Switzerland, Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Spain and France) and it has branches and commercial offices in North America, Latam and Asia.


Primeur’s mission is to be the most Specialized Global Player for ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION providing best of breed Products and Solutions for our Clients and Business Partners in the Data Integration arena.

Primeur represents a trustworthy partner for its Clients, helping them to consolidate their business in the most proficient way, through the integration of data without modifying the applications (Asynchronous approach).

Primeur’s Core Values

Our Core Values express the way we think, work, interact both internally and externally, and it’s through them that we want our Group to succeed; they have allowed us to grow over the years, to gain credibility, and they lead us to do always better (continuous improvement).

Overall our values show Primeur’s way to succeed, as individuals, as a Company and as a Group: how to be collaborative, how to transfer more value to our Clients and how to find more satisfaction in doing so. Like every organization, we are evolving. What follows reflects both the position of where we are today and we will be in the future to compete successfully.

The values are the principles that guide our actions, that let us distinguish what is right from what is wrong, and that allow us to take decisions: these are the guidelines for evaluating our behavior and the identity of our Group.

  • INTEGRITY – We do what is right and what we say we will do.
  • RESPECT – We embrace openness, trust, teamwork, diversity and relationships that are mutually beneficial. We treat everyone with respect.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – We define and accept the responsibility and keep our commitments
  • PERFORMANCE AND COMMITMENT – We achieve superior business results by stretching our capabilities.
  • MOTIVATION – We focus our efforts on the things that matter most to achieve results and we motivate consistently our team giving them directions.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Our growth and sustainability as a  group, and thus our ability to meet our commitments to our takeholders, are addressed to customer satisfaction. Primeur Group applies all of its skills and resources to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • OPEN TO CHANGE AND INNOVATION – We are curious, we do not take anything for granted and we never stop learning
  • EDUCATION, INNOVATION AND PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT – We invest constantly and significantly in research and developme nt by defining educational plans and programs, with the goal of improving the personnel skills and value high potential people.
  • QUALITY AND EXCELLENCE – We are passionate about what we do and we are never satisfied: if something can be done better, we will do. We always ask the reason of anything and maintain a constant focus on the goals.Quality is our flag.

Our Quality approach across the organization

Quality is a state of mind: everyone in Primeur must be strongly oriented to reach the highest level in quality of products, of processes, of deliverables and establish qualitative relationship with the market (Clients, Prospects, Business Partners, Suppliers) – and within our organization (Colleagues, Team Members, Managers, Board, Shareholders). This is the reason why it’s imperative for the Group to pursue by all means “Quality, as a Goal in itself”, orienting behaviors in this direction.

 Primeur has therefore, over the years, defined and issued Quality Policy, in line with Group’s Strategic Objectives, and in respect of its Quality mantra and Core Values. This is the reason why it’s imperative for the Group to pursue by all means “Quality, as a Goal in itself”, orienting behaviors in this direction. Primeur has therefore, over the years, defined and issued Quality Policy, in line with Group’s Strategic Objectives, and in respect of its Quality mantra and Core Values

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy defines processes, procedures and activities that allow us to measure and improve the quality of what we produce, with a direct effect on the value we create for our stakeholders. The policy contains guidelines that can be customized specifically for a Region or single company of the Group, according to Regional Laws and Regulations and depending on the type of Quality Certification requested or achieved (iso 9001, iso 27001, etc)
Primeur Group has been evaluating, and in some Regions has already “adopted” a Quality Certification (Primeur Italy) that provides procedures to:

Quality certifications existing or in progress in are/must be consistent with this “Charter” and the general principles herein stated.

  • understand the customer’s needs correctly and to meet them by always using the best technologies, in accordance with latest market trends
  • offer qualified and guaranteed software products, with continuous improvement in quality
  • monitor Customers Satisfaction
  • set measurable objectives in order to continuously monitor and improve processes, work methodologies and service levels
  • ensure the best possible use of human resources through individual training and the improvement and development of individual abilities
  • monitor the operational results
  • always comply with current laws and regulations
  • prevent and reduce the environmental impact
  • prevent and reduce the risks for workers’ health and security