Starting a new data integration strategy

One of the most important coffee production companies in the world

The challenge/the problem:

Plan, implement and manage a new architecture of Data Integration able to support the development and positioning strategy of the company even at an international level in a proper way. The new platform should let manage the integration between internal applications and external applications and provide the full visibility of flows at the same time.

Moreover, for the client, it is important that production facilities can continue working autonomously, even when the communication with the main office is not active, to cope properly with the programmed productions.


Primeur proposed a solution based on the Hybrid Integration Platform Primeur Ghibli, a framework for data integration able to orchestrate the various components and provide an effective answer to the needs of the company, offering the opportunity to reach an unprecedented level of integration between legacy on-premises applications and hybrid cloud.


The implementation of the Hybrid Integration Platform Primeur Ghibli enables data integration regardless of the platforms and allows to achieve:

High Flexibility


Cost Reduction


Time Reduction

  • high flexibility in meeting the new business needs;
  • development of the Competence Center IT on Data Integration;
  • cost and time reduction to solve problems thanks to the full visibility and monitoring of end-to-end data flows;
  • reduction of activation times for new B2B business flows, e-Commerce and, in general, for all applications that adopt the infrastructure;
  • reusability of components
  • operational independence of the plants.