Business Process Management

In many organizations, the business processes are often inefficient, causing penalties or losses in term of time and money.

“Process-Based Approach” of Primeur platform allows collaboration between Business & IT by separating design & configuration tasks and it enables integration within the business. All developments are done directly through a web browser and objets’s reuse is a must for an agile and rapid implementation.


BPM can help the organization to address these points automating the collaboration between organization’s team


BPM can help to orchestrate the services offered by the applications, eventually with human interaction


 BPM can benefit companies in Cost Efficiency, business agility, visibility and compliance.

Cost efficiency, business agility and compliance

primeur ghibli

Primeur Ghibli NextIntegration Platform
Helps organizations to integrate data between different systems and applications in the right time, with lower cost and possibly reducing the impacts on existing applications.

Primeur Data Watcher
Enabling companies to take decisions through visibility and auditing of data and to be compliant through End-to-End Data Governance.

Primeur GBI
Supporting Hybrid Integration through business process flow design, powerful data mapping/validation/routing capabilities, human workflow and reusable integration assets.

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