Blockchain for copyright

Many experts believe that technologies like blockchain will revolutionize the world of copyright and intellectual content production in the netx years. One of the blockchain applications you are expected to see is an intellectual property register, because it can be very difficult to trace the chain of ownership for copyrighted works.


Property tracking is a difficult domain and blockchain finds a good application in it.
Copyright is governed by a patchwork of local laws that sometimes differ in important ways (e. g. copyright registration processes and differences in protection depending on the type of work).

Even if a single central global copyright register were to be created, there would be many problems in defining who actually created the work (was it registered by the right person?) and also in understanding what has to happen after, when someone discovers that a recorded work is being used without permission?

The distributed possession of information blocks helps to solve these problems and the ability to integrate information on intellectual property within industrial information systems into a single data integration platform helps to solve many problems that afflict, for example, companies that need to manage large portfolios of trademarks and patents.

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