Big data

BIG DATA aka the 3Vs: Volume, Variety and Velocity at which the data must be processed.

In the last few years Big Data have driven the adoption of Data Integration tools, regardless of the industry. The migration and integration of data from one location to another has allowed unprecedented amounts of data to be searched (and discovered) and provided companies and organizations with the awareness and visibility they need to provide their customers with the best possible results.


Almost all types of activities are currently facing an explosion of data in terms of connected data sources and the volume of data that are now proving valuable. As long as this continues (and will continue) integration tools will be technological starting points.

Primeur technology to integrate Big Data easily and effectively

primeur ghibli

Primeur Ghibli NextIntegration Platform
Helps organizations to integrate data between different systems and applications in the right time, with lower cost and possibly reducing the impacts on existing applications.

Primeur Data Watcher
Enabling companies to take decisions through visibility and auditing of data and to be compliant through End-to-End Data Governance.

Primeur GBI
Supporting Hybrid Integration through business process flow design, powerful data mapping/validation/routing capabilities, human workflow and reusable integration assets.

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