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We work on Data Integration without modifying the applications

Why do we define our approach to Data Integration as an unconventional approach? We are a company with a solid and important history, we have been visionary in a very specialized market segment for years and our current approach to data integration cannot be different from what our experience has been.

We know that Data Integration is a very sensitive issue for companies: everyone needs to be sure that the data they use to make decisions are really correct and consistent. At the same time, every company must be able to choose best of breed applications for every function and process and also be able to integrate data from different platforms, different touch points and different environments: our greatest value lies here: we know how to make data integration of all data, coming from every source, regardless of the technology that has collected or created them, without interfering with the applications.

Our greatest strength is our ability to offer data integration projects that start with consulting, include the implementation of our software and continue over time with the Client’s support throughout the entire life cycle of data integration. We are not a supplier that offers a single large product or a big data integration platform, but we are able to fit into gaps and go to the heart of the problem.

Based on our thirty years of experience,  we have developed Primeur Ghibli Next™ Hybrid integration platform, originating from the mainframe and on-premises environments and now grown in the cloud. Through hybrid technologies we are able to embrace the natural evolution of large Clients’ IT architectures allowing them to keep up with the business, integrating data from any source. Gartner, in “Platform as a Service: Definition, Taxonomy and Vendor Landscape, 2019” cited Primeur Ghibli Next™ among the players of the iPaas, as one of the platform also available on-premises.


A smart company working for the world’s most important Clients

Especially now, when we are witnessing the phenomena of digital transformationomnichannel relationshipindustry 4.0, fintech and insurtech and all the trends that characterize this decade of deep transformation of the digital economy, all companies have to deal with data integration. For over 30 years, we have been working side by side with some of the world’s largest companies and have established a trustworthy relationship with them, and for this reason we are able to carry out data integration processes at all level.


The strength of independence

Our strength lies in our vision of independence from technologies: our platform and software solutions are able to integrate data from every source, regardless of the subject, environment, platform or application that generated, processed and transported or those that have to use them.

Being able not to duplicate levels of data integration allows us to be effective and fast without increasing costs.


What we do

Primeur is a multinational group headquartered in Switzerland specialising in Enterprise Data Integration solutions for more than 30 years. Using framework and proprietary technologies and best of breed of the market, it has developed products and solutions for Enterprise Data Governance, designing and implementing the innovative hybrid platform Primeur Ghibli Next.

In a data-driven world it’s imperative for every organization to optimize the use of their data to keep up with the competition. Primeur’s offering is everything organizations need today to meet business requirements.

Key Stats

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R&D Investments

We believe in People, we believe in Quality and we would like to have everyone in Primeur working and acting in this direction.

Our Target

Primeur has dedicated consistent work in building and developing good, strong and long-lasting relationships with Clients. Our software products, solutions and services are trusted by the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies around the world to provide the best experience on Data Integration.

Moreover, Primeur has developed a specific offer for medium enterprises, aiming at the indirect channel and its network of Business Partners. The Group is widespread in Europe (Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Spain and France) and it has branches and commercial offices in North America, Latam and Asia.


Our strenght is to be an end-to-end company that stands by its Clients throughout the journey preserving the investments done. Primeur represents a trustworthy partner for its Clients, helping them to consolidate their business in the most proficient way, through the integration of data without modifying the applications.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the most Specialized Global Player for ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION providing innovative Products and Solutions for our Clients and Business Partners in the Integration Arena.

Our Approach

Primeur’s unique approach in the international software scenario is to Integrate data of every Client – thanks to its products, created and developed in the R&D centres – using our HIP platform without modifying the applications.

Our Market

Primeur’s offering focuses mainly on the following sectors in which we have a very strong presence: banking and insurance, fast-moving consumer goods, energy & utilities, manufacturing, telco operators and public administration.

We are Hiring!

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