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Management File Transfer

Requirements and Solution for a Flexible and Manageable File Transfer

Information interchange is key factor in business-to-business relationships. The Internet diffusion has somehow changed the priority in the market requirements for implementing solutions for ebusiness. We will examine first what is the market perception of these requirements and then consider a solution that covers a broad spectrum of business needs. According to the Market Analysts the major requirements of a business information exchange are: Standard Technology, Security, Management and Control of the data movement (Governance), added value functions such as automation, data transformation and integration with popular products/protocols. The document is been extracted from a web letter published in cooperation with Gartner Group.

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Primeur File Governance™ – Visibility and auditing of data flows

In a world that is becoming digital and that is accelerating business activities, organizations that want to remain competitive are required to face these changes and enforce their strategy of control and governance of their information.
Companies are assisting to the increase of volumes and sizes of data generated from the applications interaction. Those who don’t pay enough attention to Data Governance risk to incur in inefficiencies in their business processes.
This white paper gives an overview of today’s business challenges that organizations are facing and looks at what can be done to put file transfer under “control” in order to keep up with market’s trends and to be competitive.

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Primeur DropFile™: enabling users and organizations to send files of any size and format without turning to unsecure and unmanaged workarounds

Company employees are continuously exchanging files with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners and corporate applications and the constrains imposed by corporate e-mail are often driving them to use other end-user systems that they are familiar with. Although this workaround allows to easily reach the objective, it doesn’t consider all the related side effects.

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Security Today – An Introduction to Security and Cryptographic concepts

The aim of this short document is to provide the reader with a basic knowledge of security and cryptographic concepts. It examines them as they have evolved overthe centuries, from the first rudimentary ciphers, right up to the current levels ofsophistication (and complexity) necessary for protecting information in the everpresent and global context of electronic communications.

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Securing a WebSphere MQ infrastructure

The word “security” can mean many things. Even narrowing the context to the world of information technology, “Security” still has a wide range of meanings, sometimes totally unrelated. A brief (incomplete!) list of such meanings could include: Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Single Sign-On, Firewalls, Cryptography, Certification, Security Auditing and Management, Virus Protection and Physical Security. In the specific context of WebSphere MQ, to narrow the discussion even further, it makes sense to talk about security from the three distinct viewpoints: access control, propagation of contexts, application of cryptographic techniques. This document will deal specifically with the last point: the application of cryptographic techniques in the context of a WebSphere MQ network.

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PCI DSS Compliance in a WebSphere MQ Infrastructure

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was developed to encourage and enhance cardholder data security and facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures globally. The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) – – was set-up in 2006 and owns and develops the standards and raises awareness of them. The PCI SSC is jointly-owned by the world’s major card brands. This white paper, using the example of Primeur’s DSMQ product, explores what is needed to help make WebSphere MQ a part of a PCI compliant infrastructure.

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PCI DSS and Spazio Managed File Transfer Secure (MFT/S)

This White Paper reviews the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard from the perspective of Primeur’s Spazio Managed File Transfer-Secure (MFT/S) suite. Primeur’s Spazio MFT/S can be a key component in a shared infrastructure service to provide this capability. In fact, industry analysts such as Gartner rate Spazio MFT/S as a leading product in delivering this. This paper therefore is aimed at anyone with an interest in key IT infrastructure components that business applications related to the processing of payment card data. And it outlines how Primeur can help with addressing the technology aspects of PCI compliance.

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