Anno Founded in 1986, we started with Thema, our first File Transfer product and data island integration tool who became a standard de facto in the financial market
Lucchetto-milestones We have strong competencies in security related to data. We have developed some solutions such as FileSec, DSMQ, A3Server
File-milestones Thema was improved moving to SPAZIO, an advanced secured managed file transfer able to manage different protocols including third parties (like Sterling, Axway or IBM) Our technologies are multiplatform working on mainframe and distribute enviroments
Governance-milestones Managing data means also monitoring and be predictable. This is why we developed SPAZIO FILE GOVERANCE and SPAZIO FILE GOVERNANCE E2EPrimeur also developed , on oem basis, the FileExtender for IBM MQ
Person-Centric-milestones Manage DATA is important whether it come from application rather than from people This is why we developed our Person Centric suite, DropFile and Spazio e-M.A.I.L.
Ghibli-milestones GHIBLI is a r…evolution! It’s the approach we use to sell in the market and the Integration framework we developed to resolve customer integration issues