Enabling business optimization due to visibility and control throughout the lifecycles of files

Data and Files represent enormous value. Their unavailability can cause major application processing problems and their loss or unauthorised access can result in untold damage. In addition, as companies embark on application modernisation projects, maybe also involving changes to processing platforms and cloud or grid architectures, knowing exactly what data is processed by which application and then ensuring that the same data is available in the new architecture are critical success factors.

The discipline needed is to treat data and files as a corporate asset and manage them as such throughout the entire file lifecycle – creation to consumption. In this way it will be possible to respond with certainty to any of the following questions:

  • Know where the file is at any moment in time
  • Who created it
  • Who is using it (where)
  • Who used it (where and when)
  • Who will use it (where and when)
  • Who didn’t use it but could have done (where and when)
  • Who is waiting to use the file (where and when)

Spazio File Governance is the solution developed by Primeur to meet these challenges and to achieve visibility, management, traceability and monitoring of data/files throughout their lifecycle. It simplifies: strategic decision making, identification of critical file information, centralized management of flows, tracking, and the application of appropriate security policies. At the same time it provides better optimization of business processes whilst reducing infrastructure and date management costs.

Spazio File Governance will first automatically discover files as they are generated and will store the metadata relative to the file in its database. As the file is used or transferred from one platform to another, additional metadata relative to the action taken will also be stored in its database and intelligently correlated to provide an end-to-end view.

Governance E2E

Once the information is stored in the database, important business level information such as cut-offs or SLA parameters can be added. When the process is “re-run”, File Governance will compare the current run with the stored information and identify out-of line situations sending an alert to the appropriate individual or support team. Through being proactive, companies can avoid mole-hills becoming mountains and avoid financially damaging penalties. In addition, by tracking the data and processes in realtime, those previously difficult and costly to answer audit questions now simply become routine and easy.

A simple to use, and readily tailorable, web based interface is available for realtime monitoring and enquiry. Management reports and trend analysis can be done either using the provided BIRT tool or through using the existing corporate reporting tool.

File Governance is available in two versions:

  • File Governance End-to-End
  • File Governance for File Transfer

and for these platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux, z/OS, OS400.


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Spazio File Governance and IBM PureSystems

IBM PureSystems is the new enterprise class system that combines the flexibility of general purpose systems, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload. Spazio File Governance is certified for IBM PureSystems according the requirements, in order to simplify the operativeness and to integrate the competences, including the management of the infrastructure. For more info, fill the form below:

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